Image I know a couple of things about Mother’s Day: it is a day to celebrate that wonderful, strong, resilient woman who raised you and it is a day that comes but once a year. These two facts are important because they lead us to a conclusion that I believe our very smart and understanding mothers will absolutely agree with- we can catch Mother’s Day next year, because this year is getting a little hectic and overwhelming, honestly.

Just joshin’!

Mother’s Day is for making your sweet mother feel like a queen so it is best to fill the day with as much love as possible. We suggest a breakfast in bed- even the simplest breakfast can make someone feel special if you do something creative. We saw this idea on pinterest ; Mom will surely feel the love when you make her eggs in a basket using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the place for the egg!

If you have a favorite photo of you and your mom, blow it up and frame it Image

with one of our stunning engraved wooden frames. Many frames feature poignant quotes and touching sentiments that will make mom smile. Get really creative and get your mother flowers that match the frame: this frame features adorably engraved cartoon flowers, so get your mother a stunning bouquet of the real thing to couple with this frame. Image
Adding some thoughtfulness to a gift goes a long way; if you Image

were thinking of getting your mother some jewelry, a great idea would be to put it in this breathtaking engraved jewelry box. She will be in awe of both the jewelry itself and the lovely craftsmanship of the box. You can match a bouquet of flowers to this etching as well: the engraving of a rose on the jewelry box will go perfectly with a dozen roses in your mother’s favorite color! Image

If you want to give your mother a humorous gift, get her this entertaining glass jar and fill it with her favorite candy or ingredients for a cookie recipe. My mother is particularly fond of red velvet cake and I discovered an awesome DIY Cupcake in a Jar ! Use this recipe or a recipe for your mom’s favorite kind of cake and fill the jar according to the instructions; it looks spectacular and Mom is sure to feel loved on her day!

We also have a brand new item that is gorgeous and will look absolutely incredible in any room of the house and will make mom feel like a million bucks!

This lovely keepsake is engraved Image on the front and also has a pink flower design printed on the back; when place upright you can see both designs together creating a remarkable presentation. The inscription reads, “If I had a Flower for each time I thought of my Mother I could walk in my garden forever…” Mom will surely place this item somewhere she can view it throughout her day.